Ramazan Relief Package Punjab | Negahban Program Rashan | 6000 Muft

Ramazan Relief Package Punjab | Negahban Program Rashan | 6000 Muft

Ramazan Relief Package Punjab government

The Punjab Government has Prepared a Ramadan Package worth 30 Billion rupees. The Punjab Gov has given the Name of Ramazan to the Package. Under this Program, 70 lakh Deserving people of Punjab province will be provided free ration by preparing Ramazan package.Relief Package Punjab

If you live in the province of Punjab and you want to get absolutely free ration from the government of Punjab, friends, first of all, keep some things in your mind and understand them in a good way. Number one, friends, if you live in the province of Punjab.  And if you belong to the deserving class, you can get absolutely free ration from the Punjab government.

Ramazan Relief Package

To address this, it is necessary to activate Price Control Committees in every district and keep a close eye on their performance. Those who neglect their duties should be dealt with severely and the responsible authorities will face serious consequences.

The government of Punjab has said that 7 million deserving families of Punjab province will be provided free ration if you live in Punjab and your household income is up to 60 thousand rupees or 70 thousand rupees. So you can get absolutely free ration from Punjab Govt.

Ramazan Relief Package Punjab | Negahban Program Rashan | 6000 Muft

Relief Package Punjab Food Item Quantity

This ration bag is given to you completely free of charge by the government of Punjab. This ration bag contains different atoms, that is, what is inside the ration bag. Kilo flour will be given to you, two kilos will be basin, all those items will be included in this bag, the total weight of which is stated to be 18 kg, ration bank of 18 kg will be provided to you.


Food Item Quantity (per household)
Flour 10 kg 2 box
Rice 5 kg (kilograms}
Pulses 2 kilograms
Cooking Oil 5 kilograms


Eligibility Criteria For Negahban Rashan

To be eligible for the Caregiver Program, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria aimed at targeting the most needy. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has emphasized the importance of prioritizing households living below the poverty line, ensuring that aid reaches those facing the greatest socio-economic challenges.

Relief Package Punjab Required Documents

Completing the registration process requires applicants to provide essential documentation to verify their eligibility. These documents include.
By submitting these documents, applicants facilitate the verification process, expediting their access to much-needed assistance.

  1. ID Card
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Passport-size Photo
  4. Domicile
  5. Proof of Income

Application Process For Negahban Rashan Program

Registration for the Guardian Program will begin soon, with dedicated teams deployed to assist applicants in completing the process. These teams will visit households, collect relevant data, and verify eligibility, ensuring that all registered participants receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz highlighted the importance of accuracy in data collection and urged the applicants to provide correct information to facilitate the implementation of the programme.

What is the Caretaker Rashan Program?

Negahban Rashan Program is an initiative of Punjab Government which aims to provide free ration to deserving individuals and families especially during the month of Ramadan. It seeks to address food insecurity and support vulnerable populations.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Eligibility criteria include monthly income below a certain threshold, living below the poverty line, and meeting additional socioeconomic indicators of need. Benazir Income Support Program registered beneficiaries are also eligible to participate.

What documents are required for registration?

Required documents include a valid ID card, mobile number, passport size photograph, domicile and proof of income. These documents help facilitate the eligibility verification and registration process.

How do I register for the program?

Registration can be done through online portal or designated registration centers. Applicants need to provide their details and necessary documents to complete the registration process.Relief Package Punjab

What food items are included in the ration package?

The ration package includes essential food items like flour, rice, pulses and cooking oil. The amount provided is predetermined based on household size and nutritional needs.Relief Package Punjab

How will the ration be distributed?

Ration will be distributed directly to registered households, with delivery at their doorsteps. Recipients will receive SMS notifications and updates about the delivery of their ration.

Relief Package Punjab Result

Finally, the Negahban Rashan Program represents a commendable effort to address food insecurity and poverty in Pakistan. By providing essential rations during Ramadan, the program offers a lifeline to vulnerable communities, ensuring they can celebrate the holy month with dignity and sustenance.

Through a streamlined registration process, transparent distribution mechanism, and targeted assistance, the program exemplifies the government’s commitment to social welfare and inclusive development. As Pakistan grapples with the challenges of economic uncertainty and social inequality, initiatives such as the Negahban program serve as catalysts for positive change, fostering resilience and solidarity within society.Relief Package Punjab


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